Expired: Just $0.99 (93% off) 100% Free Talk, Text & 4G LTE Data w/ 3-in-1 SIM Kit

$ 0.99
FreedomPop offers 100% Free Talk, Text & 4G LTE Data with 3-in-1 SIM Kit for $0.99. It includes a standard, micro, nano sized FreedomPop sim card.

FreedomPop Features:
  1. FREE Unlimited Talk, Text, 2GB Trial ($24.99/mo value)
  2. 30-day money back guarantee
  3. Compatible with most unlocked GSM phones
  4. Works on Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  5. Downgrade to 100% Free Basic Plan anytime: 200 mins, 500 texts & 200MB/mo
  6. No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime.
  7. Get a new phone number or keep your own
  8. Free international calling from over 60 countries
  9. SIM supports Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.2+
  10. SIM ships activated

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