10 Best August Buys!

10 items to buy in the August Sales

August is filled with end-of-summer deals and back-to-school bargains. Mark this month on your calendar so you can take advantage of price reductions. Here are some of the items that you will find get marked down.

Window and Portable Air Conditioners 

Stores with an inventory of air conditioners like Home depot, Lowe's know that the season is almost done for cooling a home. However, dorm rooms and off-campus housing may not come complete with an air conditioning unit. This is a great time for picking up a small unit that will keep your college-bound child comfortable. Also, if you have been pushing that old window unit to the limit and know that this is its last season, pick up a new unit that will deliver next spring.

Swim Suits and Flip Flops

If it does not bother you to wait on next year's styles, swim suits and flip flops are marked down drastically. Go with a plain white or black color and you can't go wrong for next year's look. Flip flops are a must all year round. A weekend trip to a hotel with swimming and spa features, casual wear around the house or having a spare makes this the perfect sales bargain.

Storage Containers 

Big chain stores run various sales for college students. Storage containers fall into this category for transferring and storing valuables to a higher education facility. Take advantage of Walmart's low prices for all of your fall cleaning projects.


September is harvest season for grapes and the old inventory has to be cleared to make room for the new. This is good news for you. Stock up on your favorite wine that will come in handy over the holidays and other festive gatherings.


Back-to-school sales begin earlier and earlier. In fact, some kids start the new school year as early as mid-August. Shoes are a hot item for attracting buyers and many stores will offer outrageous discounts. Check out Macy's large selection of all styles.


Thinking about a new car? The new arrivals are just around the corner and dealers are pushing to move vehicles off of their lot. Visit a few dealerships and see how low they are willing to go in the month of August.


Another must have for a dorm is a microwave. Even if you do not have a student that is heading off to school, microwaves will be so inexpensive that you can pick up one as a wedding gift or to have as a spare.

Outdoor Furniture

The snow is not flying yet. There is still plenty of time to enjoy a new patio set that is on sale to make room for recliners and fireplaces. Check out Wayfair for their selection and prices.


Take advantage of this special geared for students. Manufacturers will be showing off their best products in hopes of making a sale, even at a huge reduction.

Lawn Mowers

Creative financing on last year's model of lawn mowers is often found in August. A trade-in may also be possible in addition to a great sales price.