33 Websites for Plus Size Online Shopping


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Torrid is perhaps the most well known shop for plus sized fashionistas out there. Once known for their urban and edgy styles, Torrid has since branched out into trendy and feminine wear as well. With a massive selection of clothing, shoes, intimates, swimwear, and much more, Torrid offers amazing fashion options in sizes 10 through 30.


“I've been going to Torrid for years…These clothes remind you that as a big woman, you're still beautiful. I always feel confident and sexy in their stuff.” --Melissa R., Austin, Texas



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Offering sleek and stylish wear for plus sized women in sizes 14 to 28, Eloquii is a trendy company that has plenty of perfect options for everything from the office to the beach.


“These clothes belong in Vogue or Elle. I have been satisfied with everything that I have ordered, and everything arrived fast. Finally, a company that cares about real fashion for the plus-sized woman. Can't wait till I can order again.” - Josephine R.


Just My Size

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There’s nothing quite so frustrating to a curvy woman as the lack of options out there when it comes to bras and underwear. Just My Size, part of the Hanes parent company, offers plus size intimates that both fit and make you feel sexy, and when you buy online, they offer free shipping with any bra purchase.


“FINALLY!! A bra that's comfortable AND supports & separates! I was skeptical, as this was the SIXTH bra I have ordered recently. I have been on the search for a comfortable bra that supports and separates for a loooooong time.... I've been ordering bras online, one after another - and sending them back one after another - in search of THE ONE. And this is it!! I have since ordered several more.” - Amazon user kwamhudy


Monif C.

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Monif C. knows that plus sized women deserve to feel just as sexy and confident as everyone else, and their contemporary clothing line, which keeps up with the latest edgy trends like jumpsuits, asymmetrical cuts, and bright, flashy colors, reflects that. This fabulous line is now even more accessible and affordable because they’ve just announced that they will be featured in stores like Macys and Forever21.


“I order a swimsuit from last year collection and I received it within a week I love the swimsuit with the fringe it so flattering to my body and the fact that I got it on sale for a amazing price I was floored thank you for everything that you do for curvy women.” -Latisha C.


Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is revolutionizing the fashion world with its personalized boxes sent right to your home, and they also offer some great fashion for plus size women as well. After taking a style quiz, Stitch Fix sends handpicked pieces of clothing to you in the mail. With hundreds of styles and a team of personal stylists to cater to your every need, it’s great for trying something new and letting a professional pick out some great outfits. Shipping and returns are free, so if Stitch Fix sends you something you don’t like, you can just return it and keep the pieces you like.


“I am always blown away by the selections my stylist, Candace, sends my way. She constantly references my Pinterest and feedback I provide to send me the dreamiest pieces! She understands my fashion preferences enough to send items to me that I didn’t even know I, myself, even wanted yet!” -Nicole Rieder



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Modcloth is well known as a site for unique, vintage-style clothing, and their incredibly varied selection is super inclusive when it comes to sizing. Fun patterns, retro styles, and edgy designs personify the style at Modcloth, which is famous in a lot of circles as a staple for plus size customers who want to make a statement with their style.


“Been shopping on Modcloth for years. I love their take on mixing modern with vintage, and their inclusive sizing. Their clothing is always high quality, and while it can get pricey, they often have good sales and/or clearance going on so you can save some major $$ if you play it right. Their home goods and accessories are also adorable. I sometimes find myself going extra and filling up my cart with kitchy 50s inspired kitchen goods and having to talk myself down haha.” - Cat M.



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Clothes from eShakti are custom made specifically for each customer. All you have to do is give them your height, measurements, and even your fabric and style choices, and eShakti will create an amazing piece just for you. If you see something on their site that you like, but don’t think the neckline, waistline, or sleeves will be flattering, eShakti lets you tweak the piece so it will look best on you. They understand that clothes need to look good not just on the mannequin, but on the customer as well, and they’ll do whatever they can to make their customers look and feel great in what they wear.


“I love eShakti, you give options for women of all shapes and sizes. The care to detail and ease of ordering/delivery makes the whole experience outstanding.” - Aishah Al-Sehaim


Mei Smith

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Sometimes you’re just not looking for flashy, because sleek and simple say everything you need to say with your fashion. Enter Mei Smith, a gorgeous retailer that specializes in minimalist fashion for diverse women sizes 12 and up. In the words of the creator herself, the aim of Mei Smith is "to show the luxury market that — no matter what size you are — everyone appreciates a well-made, designer piece."


“As the plus size fashion space expands, so do the options, aesthetics, and the garments that help us express our own style. With Mei Smith, they provide us the opportunity to bring something different to the table, something refreshing and new.” - Marie Denee



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Looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion? Whether you’ll be all in white for your own big day, or dressed to the nines for someone else’s, Kiyonna has got you covered when it comes to fantastic formalwear. Kiyonna offers amazing and trendy options for all kinds of fashion, from casual tops and sun dresses to pantsuits and office wear, but affordable bridal gowns is where the shop shines.


“Every found yourself in a dressing room with an array of clothing items, awkwardly staring at an ill-fitting dress in the mirror?  I too have asked myself why clothing designers think that just because you're not a size 4, the rear end of a garment must be cut in such disproportion to the rest of the garment.  Apparently the designers at Kiyonna have been in this position too. With tasteful clothing in a huge number of sizes 10 and up, they offer an easy shopping experience.” - Amanda P


Full Beauty

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Full Beauty is a one-stop plus size marketplace, featuring everything from dresses and jeans to shoes and accessories. They even have a line of menswear. Their clothes are fashionable and affordable, and if you sign up for their email list you’ll get plenty of promo codes to help you save even more.


“It is great to finally find a site that caters to larger ladies. The sizing is spot on, excellent quality, great specials. I am a repeat customer and will always recommend them.” - Hattie Marie S.


Old Navy
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Old navy offers affordable, versatile clothes that can be worn in active, casual, professional, and semi formal settings, and they are incredibly inclusive about sizing. Their massive plus size section caters to customers up to size 30, and includes plenty of fun prints and trendy styles, all for an unbeatable price.


“I truly love the Old Navy plus sized women's line of clothing. They don't shrink when washed, they are fashionable and cute, they are super comfortable and they don't fall apart after a few washings. I will continue to buy their clothing for as long as they sell it.” -MacKenziesMomma1977


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Junarose is a European company that specializes in fashionable clothing made for women with curves. Their fashions seamlessly combine an edgy look with a feminine touch, and can be found on ONLY, ASOS, and Amazon, or through mail-order fashion sites like GwynnieBee.


Mango Violeta
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Violeta is the plus size fashion line by Spanish company Mango, made for sizes 8 to 20. Women will love perusing the wide variety of fashion here, from colorful dresses to wear during this summer’s wedding season to some truly comfortable jeans and denim.


“Even though the orders are sent internationally I received mine in a week. Sizing [is] a bit weird. Pay attention to their charts because it's neither regular US sizes or regular European sizes, it's somewhere weirdly in-between.” - Laura


Gwynnie Bee
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Gwynnie Bee is a subscription service made for plus size women that allows its users to create an online closet, try out clothing, wear it, and send it back (with free shipping!) when they’re done to receive even more new pieces. If you really like what you’ve received, you can buy it from Gwynnie Bee for a discounted rate.


“I'm constantly fluctuating between sizes so I like this so I don't have to buy new clothes. I love the style of the clothes and how they fit and the large selection.” - Amy S.



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Talbots makes clothes up to size 24W, and their diverse collections are great for building a professional or staple wardrobe.


“My mother is plus size and she and we love shopping together on talbots.com because it's easy to find items we both love, in sizes that fit us each perfectly. And in the event that something doesn't work out, it's easy to return to a store for a full refund.” - Katrina H.



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Catherines is a sister store to Lane Bryant that offers fun, casual, and flattering options for curvy women at incredibly affordable prices.


I have found their site to be easy to navigate. I found having the live chat to ask questions to be very helpful. I feel the clothes are of a very good quality. I love being able to pick the order up at the store. You may also make your returns at the stores so you don't have to pay any return fees.” - Vicky F.



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IGIGI’s ShapeStylist takes your measurements for your bust, shoulders, stomach, waist, and hips to make sure that everything you buy fits you perfectly, and with their new Made to Order feature, IGIGI makes sure that everything you buy is custom made to look great on you.


“Igigi always makes me happy! When the custom dress was delayed in production, they communicated and kept me informed. When I did receive it and had some questions, they answered promptly and offered to make changes. The dress is beautiful, as are all of Igigi's clothes. The fabric is very nice, not too thin and made in the USA. I had it made in the navy with long sleeves and love it.” -Kathleen P.


Hips and Curves

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Hips and Curves knows that traditional lingerie retailers don’t go far enough in helping plus sized women feel sexy, and they are here to help. With bras and underwear that are stylish, sexy, and comfortable, as well as corsets and costumes for a romantic and special night in the boudoir, Hips and Curves doesn’t try and hide your curves -- it helps you love them, as you should, by making you look your best.


“Love this site! They have plus size corsets and lingerie. Their items are well made and gorgeous! They also sell shapewear, which I really like. The shapewear really makes a difference when worn under a dress or other clothes. I couldn’t live without it. This site is a life changer.” - Heather T.


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Forever21 is one of the biggest names in fast fashion, with ever-changing styles in their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Their clothes aren’t the best quality out there, but they’re cute and affordable, and their inclusive sizing includes up to a size 20 in jeans and a 3X in dresses.


“They have great comfortable clothing. From clothes that flows to ones that are sexy and tight they have what every plus size girl is looking for. The material is great and the best part is that it's inexpensive, they always have amazing sales so you can always find what you like at an amazing price” - Minerva C.


ASOS Curve

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The Curve clothing line by ASOS carries sleek and stylish options for both men and women with frequently updated collections that stay current with fashion trends.


“I love ASOS Curve! They are one of the first retailers who started carrying on-trend pieces for plus size Millennial women and they have a great collection of items. Whenever I have an event ASOS is one of the first websites I check, as I know they'll likely have something that'll work. The shipping can be a wit wonky, but I always try and order at least a month in advance since it is shipping from overseas.” - Emily A.


Simply Be
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Simply Be is a UK company that prides itself on size inclusive clothing available in sizes 8 to 28. Their denim collection caters to women of all shapes, and their summer swimwear will keep all their customers looking fabulous at the beach or by the pool. Supportive and sexy intimates, activewear, and elegant, flattering evening dresses round out the selection at Simply Be.


“The clothes I ordered are absolutely adorable and they fit beautifully… But I was fairly surprised at how long it took me to get my order.” - Sheree G.




Rainbow’s plus size section offers trendy and beautiful clothes for women with curves. Their clothes are fashion forward and affordable, so customers shouldn’t expect the absolute best in quality, but when looking for a quick fashion fix or a fun new piece for your wardrobe, Rainbow is the place to go.


“I shop here all the time! Online and instore. Online there are a lot more options of clothing. I am in the plus size category so it's hard to find thing instore. Overall the clothes are quality for what you pay.” - Jasmine W.


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UrbanOG has fun and flirty summer tank tops, professional office blazers, and even some gorgeous evening wear for plus size juniors. Clothes are diverse in both style and color, with lots of fun prints and trendy cuts.


“I have been shopping at urbanog.com for a very long time and i am never disappointed. they carry all the latest trends and very fashionable clothing, and accessories. They always have good coupon codes and their reward point program is by far the best, you really earn cash back! and the price of shipping is very reasonable this is my favorite online store hands down!” -Kandis J.


City Chic
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City Chic is an Australian company that ships fashionable plus size clothes and accessories worldwide. Sleek, gorgeous professional clothing, romantic, flowing summer dresses, and even diverse, sexy lingerie are on the table at City Chic.


“I have been trying a lot of shops for my curvalicious body but nothing seems to fit perfectly until I found City Chic.. been shopping to this shop for my daily wear to formal wear. You paid what you get. I like their up to date styles. Good quality and fits perfectly.” - Ann


Ava and Viv, by Target


Target was a serious slacker in the plus size world for a long time, but now with the addition of their Ava and Viv collection, Target is showing its curvier customers that there are fun, casual, and flattering options out there for them -- from jeans to dresses -- at amazing prices.


“These jeans are amazing! And they might just win a spot as my favorite jeans. Mainly because (1) there’s plenty of space for my booty, (2) they don’t hug my muffin top too tight, (3) they’re soft like Unicorn hairs and (4) y’all see that distressed action going on! You can best believe I bought two pairs.” - Ty Alexander



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Nordstrom has some fantastic options when it comes to plus size wear. Women can search based on their personal style preferences, and can count on great choices in everything from tops to shoes, and everything in between. Shoppers at Nordstrom can expect a higher quality of product than most other fast fashion options.


“Nordstrom online is one of the best websites they are truly great meaning they have the best customer service and return policy because a lot of the items you may not see or find in person so if you have it sent to you from their website you you end up not liking it all you have to do is send it back this is so easy because when you initially get the package it already comes with a pre mailed return label so it is free to return and you have a significant amount of time to return the item as well. The website also has been lately price matching so they themselves search brands that they carry and if a brand has a sale at a particular place they will have the items of the brand already pre price matches online which I think is so awesome. They have an unbelievable amount of brands and categories of items to choose from.” - Britta F.


Fashion to Figure

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Fashion to Figure is a plus size store owned by New York and Company, which has a ton of on trend pieces every season to suit the professional and stylish woman. Their sizes range from 1X to 3X, and feature flattering and stylish cuts, fun prints, and bold colors, in a price range that generally keeps under $50.


“One of my favorite curvy retailers to shop at and they always have amazing sells! Never buy full price because eventually they will be on sale. They have such cute options and is relatively affordable because you always find a deal. I shop here often and visit their site regularly!” - Lei C.


Universal Standard


Universal Standard boasts a modern, minimalist aesthetic that helps you build your wardrobe staples with items like trench coats, and timeless pieces like button down shirts, sweaters, skirts, and jackets. It’s a luxury retailer, so the price tag can get high, but with that number you can expect good quality.


“I purchased my first pair of $100 jeans. Sshhhh.... Don't tell my budget. The reason I went for it was: First, they were so scrumptious looking, the jeans…. The company also has this bomb size guarantee. If you lose weight, they will replace your product. (Sold!)” - Nevada J.


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For the woman who wants to make a statement, look no further than JIBRI. With bold, outrageous colors, prints, fabrics, and styles, JIBRI offers a ton of fashion forward options for sizes 10-28.


Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 00.43.26

SLINK, which stands for Sexy - Lovable - Intelligent - Noticeable - Kind, is a denim company that focuses on body positivity by shining the spotlight on the beautiful curvy women of the world. Jeans and casual wear like sweatshirts and hoodies are the main offering at SLINK, all made for both comfort and style.


“I saw these jeans in a blog on IG so I ordered a pair to see what the hype was all about. Needless to say I am very satisfied. The hug and fit all of my curves just right and they are true to size. I'm 5' even and they come about a inch and a half over my ankle but I will wear them with heels so problem solved. I recommend these to the sassy type who love their curves.” - Octavia F.


Boohoo Plus and Curve

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 00.51.01

Boohoo is a UK company, and its Plus and Curve collections carry on trend, fashion forward clothes for UK sizes 16-24.


“So, I’ve made a couple of orders with Boohoo and it’s kind of a hit or miss with this place. The prices are great! Especially when they are having a sale, which they usually always having some sort of sale. But, the company is based overseas, and when you place an order it takes a while to receive your package which sucks and they have sent me the wrong sizes before as well but I got it all fixed. Their clothing runs a little smaller but not too bad, I would maybe just order one size up especially if your a little more curvy like me. Over all though, I would still purchase from this company again, the clothing is great and trendy, and so are the prices.” - Stacey B.




Dress like the stars with outfits from Rue107, which specializes in fun, fast fashion that features bright colors, loud prints, and on trend styles. Rue107 has been openly supported by celebrities such as Beyonce, Serena Williams, and Nicki Minaj, but the price tag is decidedly non-Hollywood, with lots of pieces coming in at under $100.


“You get something you cant get anywhere else with this shop. Hopefully with another year or so under their belt they can improve on the great concept. Oh and not to mention, they carry both straight sizes AND plus sizes! I love that!” - Elle Monus



Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 01.07.34

Not everyone is looking to blend in to the background, and with NAKIMULI, a Brooklyn-based designer, that’s the expectation. These bold and outrageous designs, with wild prints and loud patterns, are made for all sizes, from 2 to 24.
“If you love bright, bold swimwear, I haven’t seen anything cooler than these. Best of all, most of Nakimuli’s swimsuits are available in both plus and misses size.” - Cora Harrington