6 best websites for outdoor patio furniture deals

A outdoor is never complete without a place to sit. The clear skies and sunshine which are characteristic of the summer make it even more tempting to set up a great place to relax in the evening, have a cup of coffee and even hold a book club meeting. However, the process of buying patio furniture should not be abrupt and without careful consideration of the important details. If you want quality outdoor furniture which will be delivered to your doorstep, think about shopping from the following websites.


Buying furniture is inevitable, and there is no better place to make these purchases than the Apt2B website. This is the one stop shop where you will find all the classical designs reminiscent of your favorite designers, and yet, they are not knockoffs. If you fancy an outdoor which looks modern and elegant, this is the place to choose your furniture from. There are hundreds of chairs, lounges, tables and another outdoor furniture to choose from.

Bobs Discount Furniture 

If you are looking for outdoor furniture which will come at an irresistible bargain to you, head over to Bob’s discount furniture. The store has more than eighty showrooms in fifteen states, and their selection is just classic. Even better is their online collection, whose variety is second to none. You will get quality masterpieces for your outdoors, but at a discounted price.

Janus et Cie 

This is a high-end patio furniture store which is located in New York City. The difference that you will notice about their furniture is the perfect manner in which it is upholstered and also the wonderful way that they choose the colors and patterns. The materials are selected bearing in mind that they will serve outdoors, which means that they have been made to resist adverse weather. There are 12 showrooms across the country, but you can shop online and have the products delivered to your doorstep.


This shop started in 1996, and for the two decades it has been in operation, it has turned into one of the best high-end furniture stores in the country. One of the things that are unique about their outdoor collection is that in addition to seats and tables, they sell umbrellas and fire pits, poufs accents and many other accessories. If you want to transform your outdoor into a Hollywood glamour zone, this is the store to shop at.

Cost Plus 

This is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for practical pieces of outdoor furniture, but at a discount. Cost Plus has chairs, tables and accessories that are both durable, modern and stylish. They will deliver the pieces which you shop right to your doorstep.

Serena and Lily 

The great thing about this outdoor furniture store is the balance that it strikes between cost and elegance in their masterpieces. The shop offers a wide range of furniture from classic, contemporary to modern pieces.

These are the six places where you are assured of complete success when shopping for furniture online. You are totally allowed to pick different pieces from the different shops and put them together in your house.