7 Tips to Heat Your Home on a Budget

Are you on a budget to heat your home this winter? If yes, then worry not since these tips will help you warm your house and save on the electricity bill.

1. Upgrade Your Boiler
If your boiler has been in existence for more than ten years, it might be time to upgrade it to a more efficient one. Depending on your house and the type of your old boiler, buying a new A-rated condensing boiler could save you up to $400, mainly when it produces the same amount of warmth for less energy. The fact that it is new means that it will take a long while before it experiences issues which could require repair.

2. Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves
University of Salford research has shown that installing thermostatic radiator valves and heating controls save energy up to 40% in comparison to a house that has no controls. These heating controls will assist you in programming your heating so that you only use it when needed. New smart thermostats can be controlled using your smartphone so that you can turn them on as you head home. If you are on a budget, this is a great way to save up on electricity bills during the winter season.
3. Turn Down the Dial
Research by WHO recommended a living room temperature of 21 degrees Celcius while the Public Health England revised it down to 18 degrees Celcius in 2014. More research has revealed that reducing your temperature by even 1 degree Celsius could save your electricity expenses by 10 per cent. You can warm your house at 18 degrees Celsius and save on cost.
4. Wrap Up Warm
In case you own a hot water tank, lag or insulate it properly to maintain the temperature of the water for longer to reduce the costs of heating. According to the Energy Community, insulating a water tank could save you up to $200 per year. You can also save money by upgrading the previous insulation.
5. Maximise your Insulation
During loss of warmth in a house, the roof facilitates in the loss of around 25% of the heat. To reduce this, install a 25 cm insulation throughout your house. Moreover, about 33% of the warmth is lost through the walls. Therefore, installing a cavity wall insulator could save you up to $210 in electricity expenses. Confirm from your energy suppliers if there are current insulation schemes which might be installed cheaply or for free.
6. Move Your Sofa
Most people like moving the sofas next to the radiator or fireplace but the furniture will be absorbing warmth that could be warming the house. Moving the couch away from the heater will allow hot air to circulate the room. Also, don’t dry your clothes using the radiator. Leave the radiator free so that hot air can circulate the house.
7. Use timers on the main heating
According to the Centre for Sustainable Energy, program your boiler to turn on the heating at lower temperatures 30 minutes before waking up in the morning as opposed to turning it on at higher temperatures immediately you wake up. This will lower the cost of your electricity bill.

You can clearly heat your house and stay on a budget this winter. Happy heating!