Cheap and quick September outings

The beginning of September traditionally signifies the end of the summer, when everyone throws their last summer cookout on Labor Day. Just because summer has come to an end, does not mean that the fun should stop. There is plenty of fun to be had in the month of September, and all without busting the budget! Here are some ideas to make September a fun, active, and budget-friendly month:

Football Games 
Local high school football games can be an inexpensive outing that will make the whole family happy. Go back and revisit your Alma Mater and see how much has changed or how much has stayed the same. You may find some familiar faces in the crowd and have some catching up to do! If you prefer games played at the university level, you can usually get a pretty steep discount if you are an alumnus or a current student. You can see who is playing this week on a sports schedule website or a local news station.

Fall Foliage 
In some parts of the United States, the leaves will begin to change around September to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows creating a spectacular display. All you will need for this outing is a little time and enough gas money to make the journey, if you live within driving distance. While its always fun to take a leisurely drive, take some time to check out some fall foliage maps before you go just to see if you will be experiencing the natural colors at their most vibrant.

State and County Fairs
Fairs have been a popular way to spend an evening since the 1800’s. Admission is usually fairly reasonable, and you can pay per ride or game. If you are not careful, you can blow your budget quickly with all the amusement rides and food that are offered. However, it is usually satisfying enough to walk around the fair grounds and be a part of the vibrant fair atmosphere.

Local Festivals
The cooler air also brings in the start of fall festivals. Admission is typically also free for local festivals and you can spend as much, or as little, time as you would like to browse the vendors. There are usually free concerts to enjoy and activities for the children. You could get lunch at the festival and try some unique food or go to your favorite local lunch spot for a quick bite to eat. Here you can find a comprehensive list of the festivals happening in your area during the month of September.

Time and money are two very valuable resources. Sometimes you don’t have the time to spend planning a trip or making an all-day outing, other times there may be budget constraints that limit your spending for the month. Just because you are limited on time or money in September, doesn’t mean you have to be limited on fun! You can still make September a memorable month without spending your last dime.