How To Always Save On Parking in NYC

Recently, I was introduced to a new app called Parkwhiz. Parkwhiz connects to most parking lots in Manhattan to offer a discounted rate on parking. Plus, you can often find a Parkwhiz coupon code for $2, $5 or $10 off code (when available you can always find them here). Aside from the incredible convenience of pre-paying for parking and never having to worry if a lot is oversold, you always save a nice amount off parking. Just last week I was in New York for 2 days. I stupidly rented a car (never again - we'll save that story for another time), however thankfully I was able to save significantly on parking: I only paid $19 for a spot that would've cost me $40 had I not gone through the parkwhiz app. It's good to note, all prepays are cancelable too if you do not end up using it. If you're a frequent parking lot parker this app is a must-have!

2 Responses to How To Always Save On Parking in NYC

  • Maryse
    Maryse on March 9, 2017 at 5:52 pm said:

    I agree,this is the best Deal.I do not panick when I have to go to Manhattan,( I live in Brooklyn).I reserve the parking & pay & go with pleasure.Love it.

  • Deanna
    Deanna on May 5, 2017 at 6:25 am said:

    Parkwhiz is great. I have used it a number of times. I drive in from out of state. It is relieving to have a spot before you get there and knowing the price. I usually park near 40th and 10th. It is easy to get in and out of the city there.