Online Coupon Codes - Where and How to Use

Coupon codes can be used online for a lot of reasons. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the largest days for using coupon codes, and you can collect coupons for several weeks before these events. They are one of the best ways to get discounted items and find real deals at some of the busiest shopping times of the year.

Codes are one of the newer ways businesses garner and retain customers. Coupons are still printed on paper, and you can still save a lot of money clipping from the newspaper. These codes add another layer of business and incentives for the internet customer though. Many coupons are now printed in both paper and online form - meaning that you can either clip the coupon (or print it out) or apply it on the web as a code. In some areas, you can scan coupons off your phone as well. This saves you and the store the time of printing it and reduces paper waste.

Codes Can be Found Anywhere

The great thing about codes is that there are so many of them. They can be found in printed newspaper inserts, via your inbox, or on a company site. There are even aggregators, like, retailmenot on the internet where you can just search for coupons. Often, a simple search for the brand you are looking for plus coupons will yield satisfactory results.

Good, Better, Best

But like all things, coupons have a good, better, and best. The way to get the best coupons is to subscribe to a company app or newsletter (preferably a few months before Black Friday and Cyber Monday). You will have to comb through a few emails, but your efforts will usually be rewarded. A few of the major craft supply retailers have gotten the rewards program down pat. You have to sign in to the app to use the coupon, but the discounts are huge.

So-so coupons are found the easy way - on the company website. You can usually scan the front page to find recent coupons, but a few are found via print catalogs (usually printed quarterly) or in emails. Don't be afraid to sign up with your e-mail for promotions. Coupons are usually advertised in the headline, so you won't have to read too much to find them.

Medium-grade coupons can be found in-store or in the mail.

Where to Use Codes

Coupon Codes should be used as an entry during checkout on the web. They are used at the store's website.

How to Use Codes

Simply enter the code in the box during checkout that is labeled "discount code" or something similar. It is almost always a small box on the last step.