Should you buy or rent camping gear?

Want to be well equipped on your camping trip? Read this before you choose to rent or buy your gear so you don’t waste your money.

Summer is in full swing and with it that camping that you’ve been dreaming of is about to become a reality. Before you embark on your trip, you will be faced with an important question. Should you buy all of the necessary gear, or should you opt to rent it for the duration of your excursion? To make sure you know which option makes the most sense for your next outdoor camping adventure, the advantages of renting versus buying outdoor supplies are outlined below.

Why Buy?

  1. Choose exactly what you want.

When renting camping gear, it is frustrating to have to choose from among limited options. Perhaps you want a super sturdy, heavyweight tent and the only options available are super light. Or perhaps you wanted a stove that is really easy to light, and all that is being rented is much more complex. On the other hand, when buying your own equipment, you can choose the specific type, functionality, brand, color and price range.

2. One time payment-forever usage.

If you go camping often, it makes a lot of sense to buy your own camping gear. Just like anything you buy, the more it is used, the less you pay per use.

3.  Always available.

You have finally found the weekend that works for you and your loved ones to get away and you surely must be excited about your upcoming camping trip! Bear in mind though, that you are not alone in your choice of summertime fun. Thousands of people take advantage of summer to steal away for an outdoor overnight excursion. Therefore, the gear you wish to rent may not be available to you during peak camping season. This means that the variety of items that you may want- such as air mattresses, sleeping bags, lanterns, waterproof backpacks and trekking poles -may not be available when you want them. Therefore, buying these items and storing them for your eventual trip is certainly a good idea.


Why Rent?

  1. It’s economical.

If you are an unseasoned camper, and still have not decided if camping is totally for you, renting gear could save you lots of money. For example, when buying a tent, you can pay close to $500. In contrast, renting a tent for one day, maxes at about $35. In addition, you can also usually higher quality gear than you can afford to buy.

2. Save space.

Make no mistake: camping gear takes up room- and lots of it too. If you live in an apartment or in a house without a lot of empty storage space, like extra closets and a large basement, it may be close to impossible to store bulky camping gear. The beauty of renting the equipment is that you return all the gear right after your trip, allowing you to breath easy, knowing your quarters are not about to become even more cramped.

  1. Easy to use.

Renting equipment, especially if you are new to camping comes along with another great perk. The rentals provide each renter with custom made easy-to-follow user manuals in plastic, water-proof sleeves with each piece of equipment. Instead of wasting precious time and energy trying to figure out how to assemble your gear, the user-friendly instructions allow you to set up camp quickly and without stress so you can truly enjoy your trip.


Now that you’ve gotten a picture of the advantages of renting versus buying camping gear, you can choose what suits you best and hit your campsite and have some real fun!